Random Thoughts about life and such.

I wanted to start this blog to get out any thoughts that might be creeping in my mind. I’m not the best at voicing my thoughts. For me it’s like, Who really cares? I’m not that interesting. I’ll just come off at whiny. So I try not to write when my emotions are high only because my mind is in a selfish state and I’ll only think about my point of view rather than try to see other points of view. 

Now, what do I want my Blogs theme to be? I’m no relationship guru, in fact I have very little experience in the field. They say you should write what you know, I know retail. I’ve worked in retail for 5 years. Coming from never working as a teen and not understanding how things worked, it was a real shocker to see how cruel some people can be to people in customer service. 

So that’s one thing I know for sure. Retail. 

What else is interesting about my life. I play video games. I read books. I draw. I love music. My favorite shows are House, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who. 

At the end of the day, I’m anti-social and a hermit. I want to have a social life, I want to see friends more, I want to have more adventures and live a more fulfilling life. My problem is that I’m scared. I’m awkward in social situations, I hate taking risks, I tell myself I can’t afford to travel, I tell myself anything to keep me from living. 

I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. I want to move to a bigger city, preferably Toronto, near were my best friend lives. I want to be an art student. I want to be completely independent. I want to make more friends. I want to know how to talk to guys. I want a life worth talking about. 

I just have no idea were I should start. I procrastinate and I talk myself down from things that scare me. I’m afraid of moving someplace where I’ll be completely alone and have to figure things out on my own. 

Life Scares Me, yet it’s the one thing I desire most. 



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