Doctor Who Christmas Special 2013!

*If you haven’t watched the Christmas episode, please do not read any further*


Last night, I finally watched this years Doctor Who Christmas Special. It was a good episode and all… but I felt disappointed with a lot of it. Ok, maybe I didn’t think it was good at all. For me the second part of Season 7 just felt really rushed and Moffat was trying too hard to shock people. In the end it was just a big fat mess. Matt Smiths regeneration could have been soo much more! Sadly though, for some reason they felt Smith should have a peaceful death of old age. 

Then when Smith tried to send Clara back to her time for her safety and Clara went through time and space to get back to him… Um…. Badwolf/Rose Tyler anyone? I just can’t find myself caring for Clara the way I did for Rose. Also Matt just sitting back and getting old while the people of Christmas died for him really killed it for me because he was basically just giving up. The Doctor should have kept fighting, he should have kept saving. So much more could have been done. 

How I feel it should have went was:

Smith is on Trenzalore and when the Daleks, Cybermen and the rest of them start attacking he NEVER stops fighting! He still sends Clara back and that is the last time we see her. He has a standoff moment between him and the Daleks, where he still asks how they remembered him and they respond the same way. Then he gives them a speech about old age, all the things he’s learned, all the things he’s done and all the people he loved. Then before he could finish a Dalek shoots him and he falls. While he’s laying there dying and person from Christmas comes to him… preferably a guy. The timelords can see he is the Doctor and send him the new regeneration magic then BOOM! Peter Capaldi everybody! Then big epic battle because he is still regenerating and is therefor still powerful! 

After he WINS the battle, he asks the person who came to him in his dying moment to come with him. The End!



Instead of the crack in time being Timelords like he originally thought, it was actually the same Bad Wolf Rose from the 50th. Not really Rose but a projection! And the crack in time was actually when Rose absorbed the time vortex and scattered Bad Wolf throughout time and space! 

So while he’s dying from being shot, the crack opens. The person from Christmas is beside the dying Doctor while he mumbles what he believe are his last words about how “Sooner or later everything has to end…” 

Cut scene to a foot coming out of the crack and someone walks to the Doctor admits the chaos. While he’s laying there you see the person bend to him and whisper in his ear “If I believe in anything… I believe in you.” But you don’t see Rose, just blonde hair and her lips. After she says that, she leaves her mouth open and the time particles she absorbed before go into the Doctor. This is where he is reborn again, he is reborn in War but Rose Tyler was always there to save him from himself.

Then she fades and he stands up as Peter Capaldi. When the person who was beside him asks who that was, he just smiles and says “Just the big Bad Wolf” and then he fights and WINS! 

You can probably tell I’m a Rose Tyler fan, but if they did do it this way I think it would be a good way to say good bye to her forever and start new again. New story and new timelines. 

Just my opinion though.




Random Thoughts about life and such.

I wanted to start this blog to get out any thoughts that might be creeping in my mind. I’m not the best at voicing my thoughts. For me it’s like, Who really cares? I’m not that interesting. I’ll just come off at whiny. So I try not to write when my emotions are high only because my mind is in a selfish state and I’ll only think about my point of view rather than try to see other points of view. 

Now, what do I want my Blogs theme to be? I’m no relationship guru, in fact I have very little experience in the field. They say you should write what you know, I know retail. I’ve worked in retail for 5 years. Coming from never working as a teen and not understanding how things worked, it was a real shocker to see how cruel some people can be to people in customer service. 

So that’s one thing I know for sure. Retail. 

What else is interesting about my life. I play video games. I read books. I draw. I love music. My favorite shows are House, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who. 

At the end of the day, I’m anti-social and a hermit. I want to have a social life, I want to see friends more, I want to have more adventures and live a more fulfilling life. My problem is that I’m scared. I’m awkward in social situations, I hate taking risks, I tell myself I can’t afford to travel, I tell myself anything to keep me from living. 

I have a lot of dreams and aspirations. I want to move to a bigger city, preferably Toronto, near were my best friend lives. I want to be an art student. I want to be completely independent. I want to make more friends. I want to know how to talk to guys. I want a life worth talking about. 

I just have no idea were I should start. I procrastinate and I talk myself down from things that scare me. I’m afraid of moving someplace where I’ll be completely alone and have to figure things out on my own. 

Life Scares Me, yet it’s the one thing I desire most.